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Which are the tasks of the Central Office?

The Central Office carries out data matching to identify the children of whom no check-up confirmations have been filed. On this basis, the Public Health Department shall send a letter to the relevant parents and offer them a home visit..

From where does the Central Office or the Public Health Department know my address and my name?

The civil registration department provides the Central Office with the data of all children in Berlin who are to take part in the early screening check-ups U4 to U9. 

Why do I receive a written invitation?

If no check-up confirmation issued by a pediatrician has arrived at the Central Office until a fixed deadline, a written invitation  is sent to the parents suggesting a voluntary screening check-up for their child.

My child has been registered in Berlin, but the screening check-up was performed in another Federal Land or in a foreign Country. What am I to do?

If your child's early screening check-up was performed in another Federal Land or in a foreign country please submit the pediatrician's check-up confirmation notice to the Central Office.

I and my family are living abroad. Now I have received Screening IDs for my child. What shall I do?

As long as your child is registered in Berlin, a general withdrawal from the invitation and feedback process is not possible.

Where shall I keep my child's bar code labels which I have received late?

Please detach the label pad from the letter, remove the adhesive strip and stick the back side of the pad to the inner side of the cover page of your child's yellow booklet.

What if I lost the Yellow Booklet containing the labels?

Please contact the Central Office. This office shall send you the labels (Screening IDs) once again by mail. Your pediatrician will give you a new Yellow Booklet.

An SCR ID label is already sticking in my child's Yellow Booklet, but I have received a new label pad containing other numbers.

Please contact the Central Office as it will find out the correct number (Screening ID) for your child.

I have not yet contacted a pediatrician. From where may I get a date for the U-check-up?

Follow this link to find a pediatrician in Berlin:

What if the deadline of one of the child screening check-ups has passed already?

As in such case your pediatrician is unable to bill the screening check-up, we kindly ask you to contact your district's Public Health Department directly. You can find the contact data for the KJGD in charge in the invitation letter.

May I reject a home visit?

The principle of voluntariness grants you the right to reject the home visit as well as a later screening check-up.

What if the Public Health Department during a home visit detects severe indications of danger for the child's well-being?

The Public Health Department is authorised and obliged to immediately notify the youth welfare department in charge (Child Protection Coordination Office) on such findings.

Which data referring to me and to my child shall be stored (and how long), and how may I get the relevant information?

The civil registration department regularly submits the following data to the Central Office by electronic means on the basis of your child's birth register entry prior to the dates of each of the early screening check-ups U4 to U9 as defined in the Children Guidelines in accordance with the relevant age stratum: Christian name and surname, previous names, if any, date and place of birth, date of decease, if applicable, sex, address, and persons entitled to custody.